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The Prophetic Plight Of Baby Orcas

The Prophetic Plight of Baby Orcas
Since the summer of 2011 all infant orca whales born in the waters of the American Pacific Northwest have died in their first year of life, or soon thereafter.

The normal explosion of life in the inner-tidal water zones of the Peugeot Sound, Juan de Fuca and Georgia Straits, highly oxygenated by massive surges of high and low tides twice a day, is showing wide-spread signs of acute life-cycle disruption and collapse, the marine food-chain unstable, and those who depend on it endangered.

The wildly expressive whale-songs from the Orcas are no longer heard echoing in the surrounding shallows and deeps. The orcas of the Inland Passages, witnessing their fate, are silent now. With all young ones dying and food sources toxic or disappearing, what is there to sing about?

What is the message for us in the perilous plight of the North Pacific orcas?

By Marco Zonka

fuku burning

“Effing You Royal!”  -mz

In a plethora of sound-bites chronicling the facts and foibles of human nature, what seems to many an old and cold news story is more relevant and “news worthy” now than ever.

With every passing moment that story continues to amplify and expand itself, growing exponentially more and more relevant and ubiquitous with each passing day. Despite myriad fields of mesmerizing ephemera and daily distractions, this “story” is penetrating flesh and blood, plants and animals, throughout world oceans and atmospheric winds.

From Japan to Siberia and Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Mexico and beyond, hundreds of local and regional news reports over the last four post-Fukushima years are amassing a growing epilog of an expanding menace, silent but all too present. (See links below).

A wildly predictable and convoluted vortex of wind patterns and water currents, storm and tide, surge forth as usual throughout the Pacific Ocean and adjacent lands, bringing fresh water and fecundity to all the rich lands blessed by the gift of the rains torrential flow. But Pacific Ocean storms, ripe with marine wetness and beneficence, now also carry one of the worst enemies of all living systems and all living organisms as well.

A vast invisible tide of antilife effluent, from the ravaged remains of the nuclear holocaust at Fukushima, is still pouring its geocidal radioactive-brew continuously into the North Pacific, 300 metric tons of super-plutonium contaminated water into the pacific ocean everyday every for 4 years now, injecting geo-cidal poison straight into the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

3/11/2011: Fukushima

pic 2

To ignore these things invites greater peril.

The Gravity of Graveyards

The gravity of this global catastrophe is mortally apparent. The full import Fukushima is now writ large upon the destiny of humankind, and many other creatures as well. Or maybe no destiny at all.

Will we be mere spectators in a lethal drama, in which we and all children and all creatures we love are the most endangered characters in the plot?

Will we care or dare to participate in understanding the strenuous magnitude of the global dilemma we face?

Will we actively engage our higher intelligences and native genius to do something about it?

First for ourselves and our immediate loved ones. and then for all of us?

Order out of Chaos? or: Chaos out of Order?

Some say there are two forces in the universe: forces of order moving toward higher states of complexity, and forces of disorder and “entropy” moving toward less-order, neutrality and/or chaos.

Living matter as living things develop toward more complex structures and inter-related states of increasingly complex coexistence, interaction and interrelatedness.

Radioactive elements have the exact opposite effect on living things. Radioactive elements, super-charged with a volatile atomic halo of unstable electrons whirling at the speed of light, eat-away at the orderly atoms and symmetries of molecules of living matter. It is a force antithetical to the vitality and good order and beauty of purpose and proportion that are the essence of life itself.

The symmetry and proportionality of genetic material is especially vulnerable to the corrosive effects of radioactive material, deleterious to the atoms and molecules that retain and transmit our genetic inheritance, lierally over eons of time.

Such a pervasive threat to the genetic integrity of life is of paramount import and export to all living things, especially humans, the ones responsible for this dirty-nuke Armageddon in the first place.

In light of measurably growing radiation levels, denial by ignorance or naivete is equally lethal.
pic 10 trance tv

Hot Matter Matters, and Why

It has to do with the persistent nature of particulate radio nucleotides, or “hot” radioactive particles.
Because radioactive particles a) persist over very long periods of time and are unilaterally bad for all living things and b) they bio-accumulate up the food chain, making the most complex and dominate species at the top of the chain most vulnerable to the toxic effects of radioactive bio-accumulation.

All sapient beings who love this planet are urged to intelligently and effectively respond to this geocidal global threat. The first effective response is: learn radiological hygiene relevant to your level of exposure, and practice it.

The next effective response is: organize regionally and globally to force an international scientific effort to stabilize, and then mitigate, it’s more pernicious antilife effects.
peugeot sound oeca

Top to Bottom

The Orcas of the San Juan and Juan de Fuca inland Passages are unique among orcas: at the top of their native food-chain, they prey only on cold-blooded fish (herring and salmon and other fish) and do not prey on otters or seals or other warm-blooded animals. Their open ocean dwelling cousins, the orcas hunting in the wide open Pacific Ocean, eat warm and cold bloodied prey alike.

Among thirteen or so orca pods or groups native to the Inland Northwest Passages, grand matriarchs among them are known and respected and valued by all the pods. The orca grandmothers, full of memories and archives of adaptive strategic techniques and behaviors, are watched and studied and imitated by all the young orcas that come to visit and observe them.

pic 5
According to local marine life reports in the area, since the summer of 2011, seven or eight of these orca matriarchs have also died over the last several years Normal yearly mortality is 1 or 2 deaths per annum.

Photographs of living whales and forensic studies of dead whales reveal another alarming trend: healthy orca body-fat has diminished greatly. Orca body-fat is critical for endurance and insulation against the extreme cold waters that orcas live and dive, breed and feed and very playfully thrive in. Without that essential layer of body-fat they are far more susceptible to stress, disease and death.

Seal.jpg fuku effect

From the North Pacific Ocean near Alaska down to southern California, hundreds of independent marine-life reports accrue daily, weekly, monthly; all of them revealing the same thing: a wide-spread pattern of acute ecosystem stress and collapse among the herring, sardine, and salmon populations in the North Pacific.

These reports are  from not only coastal communities affected but from inter-continental Northern sources in Canada and the American Interior as well: people are observing and recording high incidences of hair loss, skin-disease and greater mortality among Moose, Caribou, deer and other creatures, all of which are symptoms consistent with evidence of radiation poisoning. (see links below)

An entire food chain among marine life and even some terrestrial creatures (including humans) are equally threatened by this ubiquitous and silent but mortal plague.

For over three and a half years the global nuclear holocaust at Fukushima has been continuously releasing vast quantities of radioactive water into the ocean, while also projecting radioactive particles via burning fumes into the atmosphere as well. Just last month (November 2014) subterranean emission readings at Fukushima peaked higher than ever, all of it flowing continuously into the ocean since the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima began four years ago 3/11/11.

Where is it all going?

pic 8 map 2

Vast and powerful Pacific Ocean currents, encircling the entire Pacific Ocean basin from pole-to-pole, form a gargantuan thermal engine of heat and cold accumulation and dispersion, carrying equatorial heat north to the Arctic and south to Antarctica, and from frigid Artic or Antarctic polar waters back toward the equator.

Japanese Seaweed-Sushi Anyone?

From Japan north to Alaska and Canada, south to California and Mexico the currents of the North Pacific Gyre turn west again along the equatorial current toward South east Asia, the South Pacific Gyre then turning the current toward, Australia, new Zealand and Antarctica; turning north again along the west coast of South America and back into the equatorial zone coming up from the south this time, and completing the North/South Pacific Basin figure-8 Gyre circuit; a massive harvest of plenty that has sustained marine fertility for time beyond reckoning.

Unfortunately this massive engine of energetic and oxygenic and geothermal dispersion is no longer only the foundation of the bread basket of the Pacific oceanic food-chain, and the migratory super highway for feathered and finned fauna that travel and feed upon it; that engine now carries with it also a vast and silent and seeming hidden black tide of biological death and ruin.


“Its Alive!”

As with all living organisms, mother earth has a circulatory and respiratory system, half of which is the Atlantic Ocean, half of which is the Pacific Ocean. As in an animal body, the earth’s heart and lungs bring oxygen and nutrients to all living cells in its body, or in the case of the earth itself, all living creatures within her body, which is to say: the material substances of which the planet itself is made.

Every year, following the patterns of the seasons, massive global blooms of tiny organisms (plankton) in the ocean proliferate, inhaling/capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (which we and all animals exhale) and exhaling/releasing oxygen into the atmosphere, before they die, carrying with them the carbon molecules from the carbon-dioxide captured from the atmosphere (released as oxygen) down to the bottom of the ocean, fructifying the ocean floor as a carbon-rich mud.

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Small is Mighty

The lifecycle of oceanic plankton is the single greatest source of fresh renewable oxygen on earth. (The Amazonian forest oxygen comes next) If the plankton life-cycle is seriously threatened, one of the main sources of oxygen on earth is also at risk.

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Oxygen is now approximately 20% of the earth’s atmosphere. Oxygen is geologically recorded as high as 33% of the atmosphere in the past—good for animals and humans! Carbon dioxide by contract is now less than 1% of the entire atmosphere! Geology indicates Carbon-dioxide has been as high as 20% of the entire atmosphere in the past, fueling massive vegetative growth planet-wide (while also boosting atmospheric oxygen) Good for both animals AND plants world-wide.

So where ocean water is the blood of the planet releasing nutrients and absorbing wastes, with the carbon dioxide it absorbs and the oxygen it releases the oceans are essentially the lungs of the planet as well.

The serpentine geothermal breadbasket of the entire Pacific Ocean Basin, from the northern artic to the southern arctic poles, fuels a global feeding frenzy of magnificent abundance, and a plenitude of colorful species come along for the ride.


The “NEW” Pacific “Ring of Fire”…
Fuku skull america

The “NEW” Pacific “Ring of Fire”…

As widely chronicled in the news aggregator ENE-NEWS (energy news) Global Research (Ottawa, Canada) and the Jeff Rense Radio news web page and radio show (Oregon) the Pacific Ring of Fire (famous for its tectonic volatility) is now also a gargantuan conveyor belt of an a far more lethal and enduring form of “fire”: atmospheric and oceanic fallout and stream-out from Fukushima.

The entire Pacific Ocean Basin from Alaska and British Columbia down to Australia and New Zealand has been affected by this nuclear holocaust, especially in the North pacific/Northern Hemisphere, directly “downstream” and downwind from it. Many of the more concentrated radioactive clouds and currents come in from the North pacific Current and prevailing winds, crossing from Siberia to Alaska and then south along the North American Pacific Coast: Fukushima is very dramatically and most emphatically not nearly “over” yet.


One Hundred Year Long F-Job?

Some “scientists” and “authorities”  say: Fukushima is completely out of control, and beyond the limited sphere of human interference and correction. The same “experts” go on to say: the global hemorrhagic fever at Fukushima will probably continue bleeding radiation into the Pacific Ocean for the next “100 years” before it finally settles down. “Officials” say: Fukushima will peak this year (2015) and decline over the next 100 years.

How do we objectively analyze and decide what is really true or not here?

The most obvious way is through direct quantifiable and verifiable readings, which you yourself seek and record from various sources and record specifically for you and your friends and family in your specific region.

How you can quantify in your environment (as well as in your home) the types and levels of radiation you are directly being exposed to is linked throughout this site and its widgets, as well as below along with the notes. Study and evaluate these factors for yourself and your loved ones, and come to your own reasoned and rational response in light of what you learn.

The earth as we know and love her will not endure 100 years of Fukushima. Yet this is the narrative promulgated by make-believe media corralling the human herd to assume there is nothing we can do about it anyway. And since we can do nothing about it, their answer is: do nothing.

Resignation to a seemingly “inevitable” is the very definition of a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Any organism that “gives up” its will to live is soon to die.


“Fuku-You” Chernobyl -mz

Comparison: When the nuclear accident happened at Chernobyl in Russia many decades ago, thousands of scientists from all over the world converged upon what was internationally understood as a threat to ALL nations of the world. Rationally, cooperatively and constructively, nations of the world formed a unified effort to bring their common threat under control. (Even so: over the following 30 years after Chernobyl, epidemiological and human-mortality studies reveal: over a million people died “down-wind” of Chernobyl from its effects, mainly from cancers and heart-attacks and respiratory problems, and other related immune –disorders; a statistical “bell-curve” of mortality directly attributable to the effects of Chernobyl across Europe.)

Why is there no similar and more desperately needed international effort at Fukushima (directly affecting even more countries) many orders of magnitude more deadly and complex than the Chernobyl disaster. The holocaust at Fukushima involves vast contamination of both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the entire upper and lower atmospheres—and yet no exhaustive global scientific effort has been launched to address and remedy it to the best of our ability?


Because it “just so happens” to serve the objectives of “Agenda 21?”

Is this what “former” Israeli spy and son of MOSAD chief turned US Mayor of the Chicago crime syndicate –I mean I mean the city of Chicago– Raum Emmanuel of the Obama Administration, refers to as: “Never letting a good crisis go to waste”?


Or is it just because letting people die is cheaper and easier than trying to save them?


Whatever the “explanation ” or whatever the prevailing “lie” that covers the hidden explanation;  whatever the interests being served or emphatically NOT being served at all (ours and the earths!) one thing is mortifying and clear: Fukushima is one of the most lethal single-origin perils ever unleashed by human ignorance and avarice in known human history.

Our beloved planet –as we now know and love her– cannot endure another day of such geocidal abuse, much less an entire century of it.

Fingerprints of the Gods


The “genomic fingerprint” of our planet will likely feel effects of Fukushima for generations, before its destructive effects on genetic health and complexity are finally over-come and corrected. And among the many streams of human ignorance and malice converging in the global-totality of human experience in the present time, one danger stands out among them more pernicious by way of its silence, and more lethal by way of its hidden pervasiveness.

The biggest mother-effing F-Word of them all: Fukushima

As a species we cannot afford to prevaricate and quibble about incidentals.
In this tumultuous time of death and recreation, we must concentrate on the greatest danger to the great mother herself, mother earth, sustainer of us all, and the greatest single danger to all her children; including of course her human children as well: us.

Pretending Fukushima is “a thing of the past” and is “no longer relevant” is tantamount to enjoying teatime on the deck of the Titanic as its date with fate grows near.

We have within us from God and/or nature native intelligence and insight, both practical and transcendent, and the ability to use that insight for the greater good of all. Only one thing is needed: the wanting and willingness to do so.
First comes the knowing, and then comes the doing.

Oracle of the Orcas

orca matriach and pup

The Orca whales of the Pacific Northwest are usually a very playful and vocally ebullient bunch of exuberant mammals, chattering and squealing and singing away unabashedly, for all to hear.

Today the Orca whales of the Pacific Northwest have fallen silent.

With their sources of food failing and native ecosystems collapsing; baby orcas dying in their first year for over three consecutive years now; no end in sight at the present time for the catastrophe at Fukushima; for the orcas of the pacific Northwest: What is there to sing about?

peugeot sound oeca
There is a message in all songs for those who have ears to hear with minds that listen.

The most disquieting message of all comes from the song that is lost because there is no one left to sing it.

-Marco Zonka

PostScript:  Please look for the links on this page to where you can read live radiation levels in your area. Look also for the place where you can send-in your home or car filter for a free radiation level examination and which isotopes are present or not in your environment.. Look for the links to atomic iodine (NOT potassium Iodide!) to protect your and your child’s thyroid and pineal and immune system! Look for links to calcium and magnesium supplements, which block Cesium 127 (a common isotope especially bad for humans) from bonding instead of calcium in your bones.

“The people perish for lack of knowledge. Seek and you will find!” –Yeshua/Jesus


Out of sight, out of mind? Or Out of sight, out of your mind? The Unseen Danger of “wireless” Internet connections

Out of sight, out of mind?
Perhaps “out of sight, frying your mind” may be more accurate.
The “wireless” computer modem has become virtually ubiquitous in millions of “connected” households all over the world.
You know: the places where “really smart” and “technologically up to date” people live and work.
Maybe we are not as smart as we think.
Maybe we are even getting stupider by the minute.
Because quietly, stealthily, we have unwittingly introduced into our most intimate home and working environments yet another of many unseen yet cumulative dangers to our personal health and our families well-being: the “wireless” modem.
As you will see in this short video and the statistics and studies it references and cites, the “Radio Frequency” (RF) levels in our homes and offices emanating from our seemingly “harmless” wireless modems is, in fact, an ongoing and cumulative hazard to our own and our family’s health.
Can we ever count of the “government” or “authorities” to adequately inform or warn us about these dangers?
Not until we reclaim the government from the corporate predators who now dominate and control it, much to our own and even lethal detriment.
Until then, your own direct “knowledge is power”