Out of sight, out of mind? Or Out of sight, out of your mind? The Unseen Danger of “wireless” Internet connections

Out of sight, out of mind?
Perhaps “out of sight, frying your mind” may be more accurate.
The “wireless” computer modem has become virtually ubiquitous in millions of “connected” households all over the world.
You know: the places where “really smart” and “technologically up to date” people live and work.
Maybe we are not as smart as we think.
Maybe we are even getting stupider by the minute.
Because quietly, stealthily, we have unwittingly introduced into our most intimate home and working environments yet another of many unseen yet cumulative dangers to our personal health and our families well-being: the “wireless” modem.
As you will see in this short video and the statistics and studies it references and cites, the “Radio Frequency” (RF) levels in our homes and offices emanating from our seemingly “harmless” wireless modems is, in fact, an ongoing and cumulative hazard to our own and our family’s health.
Can we ever count of the “government” or “authorities” to adequately inform or warn us about these dangers?
Not until we reclaim the government from the corporate predators who now dominate and control it, much to our own and even lethal detriment.
Until then, your own direct “knowledge is power”